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Thank you for supporting Friends of the Oaxaca Learning Center. 100% of your gift is tax deductible. FOLC is a registered 501(c)(3) charity, EIN: 27- 4937593. 


99.8% of the costs of running the Center's program are met by generous donations from people like you.  Students are asked to pay a contribution of $300MXN (just under $15US) per semester, if they are able to, although more than 75% of our students are not able to pay even this small amount and they are provided scholarships to attend for free. 


You may help financially in many ways.


  • Become a donor and then reach out to family and friends to join you in donating (it is easy, fun and really helps—see Invite Others to Donate below).

  • Become a monthly donor to make donating easy and sustainable (see Monthly Donor below).

  • Identify Friends of the Oaxaca Learning Center as a beneficiary of your estate (See Legacies below). 

  • Of course, you may combine these for a suite of donation possibilities.

The students count on your support and the parents and staff of the program really  appreciate your help. Together, let’s sustain this wonderful program!




The most sustainable way to support The Center’s work in Mexico is to become a recurring donor.  With a monthly contribution, you can support students all year round. And our monthly donors get early access to events, impact information and more. 



DONATING BY CHECK (Personal check or sending one from a financial institution)

Prefer to donate via check? Please send your check (made payable to Friends of Oaxaca Learning Center or FOLC) to: 


In the US and countries other than México:                 In Oaxaca, México:

FOLC’s Donation Processing for checks                      Checks/cash can be dropped off:

of all kinds is as follows:                                               The Oaxaca Learning Center

Make check payable to FOLC or                                  Murguía #703

(Friends of the Oaxaca Learning Center)                     Oaxaca

Send to FOLC

c/or Maura Skelly                                                         Please call to arrange this as the    1984 Andromeda Lane                                                Center is currently a                        Weston, FL 33327                                                        construction site :

USA.                                                                             951-515-0122

INVITE OTHERS TO DONATE - Share your enthusiasm for the program

Ask a friend, family member, or an associate to help contribute.
Studies all show  that a donor asking their friends, family network, and associates to contribute results in a 1 in 4 chance of our receiving a donation as compared to 1 in nearly 1800 chance when the organization itself solicits new donations. Tell them why you support the effort to transform lives in Oaxaca (the link has a suggested message for you to include).

Your fundraising efforts make a BIG impact.

IT IS EASY, IT FEELS GREAT WHEN OTHERS HELP, and ALL DONATIONS HELP TRANSFORM LIVES! Click here to start a list and let our donation system help you make contact.

If you have any questions about creating a page or want some fundraising tips from our staff, email us at



By making a legacy gift to The Oaxaca Learning Center, you know your values will be carried forward, supporting young people in Oaxaca for generations to come. Many of these gifts require no immediate donation: the gift only comes after your lifetime, and you may maintain your ability to change your mind at any time.
Always consult with a financial/tax advisor.

Perhaps you are just beginning to think about your future plans. Or maybe your family or other circumstances have changed, and you have realized it's time to update your plans to reflect your current needs and wishes.

There are various ways to make a legacy gift: through your will or trust, by designating the Learning Center as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, retirement fund, or other assets. More recently there are also ways to invest money in a charitable fund that supplies an annuity to you and upon your passing, donates the original principal invested to FOLC.

UPDATE 2023: The enactment of the new 2023 Legacy IRA Act has allowed many to take advantage of a unique life income opportunity to use a tax-free IRA withdrawal for a charitable gift annuity.

The Act expands the definition of qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) to include one-time distributions to create life income plans, specifically a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder unitrust, or charitable remainder annuity trust. This new type of QCD is a one-time maximum transfer of a total of $50,000 in a calendar year and can only be done once during the lifetime of the IRA owner. 

If you have questions or require further information, please email



Donations to FOLC are tax-deductible in the US

Tax ID: 274937593

Canadian & Mexican Donors note:

You can make tax-deductible donations from Canada at Canadian Friends of Oaxaca 

As a Mexican tax-payer, you can donate directly to the Learning Center (registered as IIAC) and this will be tax-deductible. 


You may donate via bank transfer from your bank to our bank. 1. Click on DONATE, and then define your donation (we hope you’ll choose Monthly). Then continue and choose BANK TRANSFER as the method of payment. Follow the prompts and supply the information requested, and confirm. BUT, note that the FIRST TIME you link your bank account to this payment system you will be asked to VERIFY your account in a 3-step process, for your protection, as follows. After verification, future donations will be immediate. A. Click on DONATE, complete the donation information as in step 1 above. B. After clicking on CONFIRM you will get a notice that our system will make two micro deposits (less than $1.00 each) into your account. It will show you what they will look like on your account, with X’s as a place holder for the amount. C. In a few days look at your bank account recent activity and record the value of the micro deposits (for example, $0.40 and $0.20—or any small amount). Sometimes they are listed in Account Activity as “Account verification deposits” -or the like- each bank is different. D. Then open the email you provided when initially making the donation and look for an email titled “Verify bank account to complete your donation” or “Bank Account Verification” and it will be from Friends of the Oaxaca Learning Center  E. Open that email and click on CONFIRM, then on the next screen enter the values of the two micro deposits, in any order, and click on VERIFY (or sometimes Confirm). F. Now you are signed up and the donation will be processed. These extra steps are for your protection and will greatly minimize fraud risk. Remember the next time you use your bank account to donate it will be already verified and therefore approved without these last verification steps. THANK YOU! For questions or help, email

Monthly donor
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