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Language Exchange/

An amazing opportunity to improve your Spanish and help someone else improve their English.  The Learning Center will match you with a student or staff member and you take it from there, arranging weekly meetings at a time to suit you both. During the pandemic all intercambios have been taking place online, but we hope to resume in person meetings soon. Needs a commitment of at least 3 months.

Please note that face to face meetings with students under 18 years old have to take place on the Learning Center premises (or other premises supervised by Learning Center staff) for safeguarding reasons.

A one--of-a-kind opportunity to connect with the Oaxacan community in a very special way.   I really look forward to these exchanges.  

Jim Winkler

My intercambio was how I came to know and love Oaxaca - it took me beyond the tourist surface and

I began to feel connected. 

And it was great fun too!  It stopped being a formal exchange years ago: now we're friends for life.

Sylvia Hines 

What people say....

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