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Carolina Vasquez

Carolina Vásquez Castellanos works as a tutor in math and physics for El Centro de Aprendizaje.

She is from Santa Maria del Tule where she struggled in high school due to family issues. She missed many classes, but Carolina loved math and never missed. As a woman in a technical field, she struggled with machistas (sexists). She was the only woman who completed the electronics major in Puebla, but she persevered.

Today she enjoys motivating all her students, especially women in the sciences. “If I’m passionate about what I’m teaching, I’m going to capture my students’ attention,” said Carolina.

“Teaching and learning depend on the motivation level of the students. It’s beautiful to see a student who comes in with her grades in zeros, who doesn’t want to continue studying, and then later says, ‘I want to learn this and this and this.”

Carolina is grateful for her work at El Centro de Aprendizaje, “All my students have left an imprint on me. The ones who you can’t figure out how to motivate-- those of the ones who inspire me.  I learn something from everyone.”

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