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El Centro de Aprendizaje es una ONG en Oaxaca que dirige el programa de asesoría para estudiantes de entre 14 y 24 años de edad. En Inglés se llama "The Oaxaca Learning Center" (TOLC). Para más información en Español acerca del Centro de Aprendizaje visite su página web. 

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El Centro de Aprendizaje is the Mexican non-profit that runs the tutoring and mentoring program that is known in English as The Oaxaca Learning Center (TOLC).  Information in Spanish about the program is found at their website:

The mission of The Oaxaca Learning Center (known in Spanish as Centro de Aprendizaje) is to help provide underserved Oaxacan youth with the confidence, skills, and tools to envision a new future and realize their dreams. Due to widespread poverty in the state of Oaxaca, many young people are unable to complete high school or continue to higher education. The Oaxaca Learning Center assists low-income students, ages 14 to 24, to succeed academically and to gain confidence in developing and meeting their own goals.

At The Oaxaca Learning Center, students receive academic tutoring—in math, physics, chemistry, and English--,  mentoring, and personal support within a holistic learning community. Staff and tutors are from the same background as the students; many are themselves graduates of the Center, serving as inspiring role models. The objective of the program is to develop in the students skill, self-confidence, and leadership (see more in the About section)

                                         Current staff and Oaxacan volunteers for TOLC

Friends of the Oaxaca Learning Center (FOLC) is a US-based non-profit with a simple mission: to fundraise and mobilize support for The Oaxaca Learning Center.  FOLC operates this website in an effort to reach out to English  speaking supporters. Your contribution to FOLC goes directly to The Oaxaca Learning Center (TOLC) to help students transform their lives to the benefit of self, family, and community.

                                                              Recent FOLC event

We received the permit to start construction -See our architect explain our project in the blog section-

New initiatives at the Oaxaca Learning Center enhance the educational and vocational experience for students.

Since 2005, The Oaxaca Learning Center has 

Served 3,831 Students                             Provided 81,644 Tutoring Hours

  Offered students 5,176 hours in workshops and non-academic training


Identified as “One of the best youth programs in Mexico” by the Mexican Government.


Student test scores show an  average of 30%-40% improvement after participation in the program


Over 83% of the Center’s students pass their academic entrance exams on the first try (the average pass rate is 37% for the State of Oaxaca).

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Latest News & Upcoming Events

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And watch our latest video!

In the US 92% of people over 25 have finished High School. 

Do you know what the figure is in Oaxaca? 

Find out in our latest video, A New Future, and hear from graduates of the Oaxaca Learning Center how they have changed their lives.  


Concert program

Plans are being developed for an exciting array of classical music concerts this Fall and Winter.  Contact to make sure you're on the mailing list.

Visit the Center

Hear firsthand about the Center's work. We love visitors, but advance booking is essential. If you'd like to attend, please email or call to make an appointment (951).515.0122.  Outside Mexico, just put +52 in front of the number.

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