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Volunteer with us

We love to have more people involved and there are many ways to support the Learning Center, according to your skills and the time you have available. It could be occasional, like helping

at one of our many events, or something ongoing.  

In particular, we are looking for people to help with the roles below.

Contact outlining your areas of interest, or fill out the form below.  

Opportunities with the
Friends of the Oaxaca Learning Center

Opportunities with
the Oaxaca Learning Center

Regular tutoring and mentoring at the Center is provided by paid Mexican staff,

but we really value additional help in areas of interest beyond our main curriculum. 

In particular, we are looking for these roles outlined below. 

If you have another skill you think would benefit the students, we'd love to hear from you.  Unfortunately, as students attend the Learning Center on top of their school hours and many also have to work to support their families, time is limited.  During term time Friday evenings and weekends are the only times available. 

For any direct work with the students, experience in teaching and a good command of Spanish are definitely helpful.  

TUTOR: English



Native English speaker able to offer supplementary support to our main English curriculum. This could be through themed workshops or one to one tutoring.
Minimum of 3 months commitment. 

INTERCAMBIO: Language and Cultural Exchange


Maybe you'd like a language and cultural exchange? Get to know a student with insights into her/his life & culture and share yours too. In addition, improve your Spanish while helping improve the student's English. It is a wonderful experience.


We would really value some expert help to create a suite of assets for our different communications.  This can be done remotely.  

Event planner

We hold many events to introduce people to the Learning Center and to raise funds.  If you're an organised person who enjoys this type of work, please get in touch!


Fundraising is the most important part of our work at the Friends of the Oaxaca Learning Center.  If you could help with running events, putting us in touch with people, spreading the word, or applying for grants we'd love to hear from you!


The Learning Center is full of wonderful stories to share and there's no better way to do this than through short videos.  If you're used to making short-form documentary style content, that would be fantastic!

Interested?  Please get in touch!  

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Thank you for your interest!
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